with Anita Nall Richesson


The CPP Corporate Wellness Program is a 4-hour wellness training session followed by a 30-day health and wellness challenge, specifically designed to help improve corporate performance.

When your employees feel better, they perform better! This training program creates a comfortable environment for your employees to work together on their health goals while experiencing increased vitality. Weight loss, headache reduction/elimination, and control over gastrointestinal and other nagging health symptoms are just a few reported results from challenge participants.


Anita will travel to your office, company meeting, and/or retreat location and lead the interactive Corporate Wellness Training session. After the training session, Anita will be available to eat lunch with your team, host a Q&A session, and have her Olympic medals on-site for pictures if anyone desires.

A few days after the training, the entire group will commence their 30-day challenge with Anita as their coach.


Anita’s exceptional athletic background coupled with her inspiring health journey is uniquely fitting to help guide high-performers to sustained success strategies that enhance your group’s performance.

She relates to high-performers in both sports and in the corporate world.

“The drive, the grit, and the determination to be the best is what we have in common.” – Anita


  • Working together fosters team unity through games and sharing.
  • People achieve more in groups than alone; the 30-Day Challenge gives your team a greater chance of meeting their health goals.

  • Reducing employee health challenges increases employee productivity (fewer sick days and increased mental health and energy).
  • This training is a gift that lasts a lifetime, and employees are grateful for this gift.
  • Understanding the impact of food on energy and emotional state greatly enhances employee mood and focus.
  • Thirty days of consistent coaching from Anita helps employees to reach their individual goals and feel great while being held accountable!

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