Step away from the traditional coffee creamers!

As you know from my previous blog posts, I love going to the grocery store.

Finding new products that work on my food plan is exciting for me, and I love sharing new products that are clear of my “Ingredients to Avoid” (aka. IGA) list with you.

I was in Target the other day, and I was shocked at the variety of options now available for healthier coffee creamers.

You don’t even have to go to a health store to get alternative products like almond and coconut based creamers.

Wait, what’s wrong with traditional creamers?

Typically, traditional coffee creamers contain several of my IGAs and IGAs cause inflammation.

Inflammation is at the root of disease and nasty symptoms like eczema, recurring colds, sinusitis and gastrointestinal issues (just to name a few).

So, when people ask me if drinking coffee is bad for them, I typically answer that the coffee is NOT the “bad thing,” it’s all the crap you put in it…an inflammatory mix of sugar and hydrogenated oils.

And, as long as you aren’t sensitive to caffeine like me, a cup or two of coffee in your day is NOT a problem for your health.

If you are sensitive to caffeine and it causes jitters, increased heartbeat, or nervousness, then I suggest you choose an herbal alternative like Teeccino instead of conventional decaf coffee, which is often processed using a number of chemicals and other toxins, some of which are carcinogenic (cancer promoting).

Create a healthy morning routine.

I know you may like waking up to a cup of joe and have routines around your morning cup(s) of coffee, so here are some helpful ways to make sure your morning routine is as healthy as possible.

#1 Buy high-quality coffee

Coffee is one of the most pesticide-riddled crops in the world. So, look for coffee that is Organic and Fair Trade to ensure it’s the highest quality and health promoting.

#2 Use only quality add-ins

AVOID creamers that contain hydrogenated oils, excessive amounts of sugar, as well as those that contain artificial flavors. So Delicious, Coffee Mate’s Natural Bliss line, and Califia Farms all make some great products that are free of all the inflammatory ingredients I suggest you avoid.

#3 Try out alternatives

Consider trying alternatives like the popular Bulletproof Coffee (recipe below) or a coffee alternative like Teeccino. (Like I mentioned earlier, I get the jitters from caffeine, so I love having a coffee alternative like Teeccino in my day.)

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Below is a recipe for Bulletproof Coffee…which is kind of like coffee kicked up about 10 notches.

Bulletproof Coffee is full of brain and body fueling ingredients which aren’t found in your typical cup of coffee. The creator of Bulletproof coffee (Dave Asprey) is a genius and knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition.

To get the full benefit of the Bulletproof way, make sure you DO NOT add sugar. Sugar will only neutralize the brain and body fueling properties of this concoction, but if you need to add a little sweetener, stevia will work. (And, as always, I only suggest the SweetLeaf brand of stevia as it is the best tasting one on the market.)

1 Cup Coffee + 1-2 tablespoons of either Grass Fed Butter OR Organic Coconut Oil + MCT Oil

Healthy Add-Ins: Collagen, Cacao, Vanilla Bean, Cayenne, Ginger & Turmeric

While I DO NOT promote drinking coffee all day long for energy (energy should come from your food), a cup or two in your day isn’t going to be the thing that takes you off your “A Game”. Just make sure to commit to a high-quality coffee routine.

Cheers to better coffee and a healthier morning routine!

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