Anita Nall Richesson

Check Your Hydration

Your hydration level plays a large role in the cleansing process of your body. Your body can’t properly clear out the junk (toxins, bacteria, viruses, mucus, and more) unless you are drinking adequate levels of water AND taking in adequate electrolytes - also known as...

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Spring Cleaning Your Mental Health

Spring is a great time to cleanse not only your body, but also your mind. I can personally attest to this because I, myself, have been in a bit of a mental lull. We recently moved, and I’m struggling to get my routines and life back on track here in our new city of...

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Spring Cleaning Your Home and Health!

Spring is here! The time has come to get into your swimsuit and strut your stuff at the pool and beach, which probably means you’re getting serious about your food plan. This month, all of my blogs will focus on spring cleaning - cleaning out your kitchen AND your...

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Power Up with Protein

Finishing up our March topic, I've decided to give you some new food prep ideas from my Power Plate Formula™ section called Power Protein. Power Protein is simply all of the foods whose predominant macronutrient is protein. These include foods like wild game, chicken,...

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Energy Givers to the Rescue

Keeping in line with this month’s theme, today we are looking at a few Energy Givers that you can add to your repertoire to kick things up a notch in your kitchen. First, let me explain the term “Energy Givers.” Energy Givers is the name I give to one of the sections...

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Give GREENS a chance!

Thank you Adrienne Bursey for sharing your lovely Power Plate baby with us! Anyone who is a Power Plate Formula™ graduate of any of my programs knows the powerful role that greens play in our daily diet. Since we are exploring new foods this month, I think it's...

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Healthy fats to the rescue!

This month, we are going to expand our knowledge and usage of new foods. Throughout March, my blogs will be centered on broadening your everyday food routines and exploring some new ideas for your meal plan. First up: expanding your healthy fats! Healthy fats are an...

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

While coaches may not be weighing their athletes these days like they did when I was competing, the nutrition information in club sports is still nonexistent and/or antiquated at best. I had ZERO knowledge of nutrition when I was going through puberty in a swimsuit in...

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Simple Switches: Healthier Pasta

Keeping in line with our Simple Switches theme for this month, let’s talk about pasta. Pasta is technically a refined and processed food, not a whole food. It's made from flour, which is processed from grain. Pasta can come from a myriad of grains, but no matter which...

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Healthier Desserts this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so I want to share some Simple Switches for the standard Valentine's Day treats to which we are accustomed. First of all, chocolate is not the bad guy! It's the amount of sugar in the chocolate that gets us. An easy way...

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Gut Check

Gastrointestinal upset is the second most reported problematic symptom on my High Performance Health Assessment. It is estimated that one in three Americans suffers from gut problems, and reflux and IBS prescription medications account for nearly half of all visits to...

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