The Struggle is Real Y’all

This time of the year is a real test for my family and me. You see, we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that certain foods (like sugar) do not work for us and make us feel like crap but holy moly the holiday parties can be hard! It’s times like this that I just wish I had the kind of allergy where I broke out in hives or something dramatic like that. That would make it a lot easier to avoid my trouble foods than just a nagging bloated belly and canker sores on my tongue!

Since I don’t have overt food allergies, I have to constantly remind myself of the impact of me not feeling great in order to stay away from those offending foods.

Here’s how the chatter of my mind sounds like at a party…

“Oh man, those cookies look so good”

“Yeah, but remember last time you ate one of those, you looked 6 months pregnant with a bloated belly and had stomach cramps for 2 days”

“Just one won’t do that”

“Yes, it will Anita!”

And so the chatter goes on and on… I rarely eat the stuff that hurts me because I’ve learned that the impact isn’t worth it AND I now have so many simple switches for those cravings. It may sound a little funny to bring my own cookie in my purse to a party but trust me, it’s worth it!

Over the years I’ve developed some great healthier simple switches to the foods I used to love but that don’t love me back . My simple switch to soda has saved many of my clients from the cruddy side effects of soda addiction over the years.

I’m going to share the secret soda switch with you right now.

In place of the fizzy part of soda, get unflavored seltzer water. Then, to replace the flavor and sweetness of soda, choose a flavored stevia from the SweetLeaf brand collection. I don’t get paid to tell you about this brand by the way, I just love the stuff.

You can add cola flavor, cherry, grape, orange, etc. Don’t cheap out and get some cheaper version of SweatLeaf though. Trust me, this stuff lasts forever and is worth the price. The stuff actually satiates a soda craving…try it out and let me know what you think.

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