How can nutrition education & a food plan help my athlete?

Athletes often relate what they eat solely with HOW THEY LOOK.  This belief tragically limits the powerful role that food plays in an athlete’s performance. With a little food education, a few easy-to-use formulas, and a plan, your athlete’s performance could dramatically shift.  If your athlete struggles to gain muscle mass, recover fully from hard practices, and/or experiences energy shifts at practice, their food plan is probably off.  Have your athlete take my free fueling quiz to find out if their fueling plan is in alignment with their big goals in their sport.

“I have owned my team for 10 years, and have consistently identified our biggest problem was changing the eating habits of our athletes.  We needed help!  Team FCR to the rescue.  A coach can’t ask for more than to have an Olumpic medalist and former world record holder to educate their parents and athletes about how to fuel for athletic success.  This education is grounded in science and easy to employ with your team.  I hightly recommend FCR’s programs”
Rob Fox

Team Owner & Head Coach, Fox Swim Club

“My fueling plays a HUGE role in my performance now and I definitely wouldn’t be able to perform my best without knowing what I’ve learned from the Fuel, Compete, Repeat trainings.”

Track & Field Athlete

“Anita’s Power Plate Formula® has transformed our family’s relationship with food. Her program taught us how to connect what we eat with how we feel and perform.  It Is an integral part of my performance plan.”

Dana Vollmer

Olympic Swimmer

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