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“Working with Anita has been a life-changing experience for me! Having a fiance’ in the NFL, I had to pay special attention to what I was feeding him. When I found out Anita had previous experience working as a nutritionist for the Jacksonville Jaguars, I knew it would be the perfect fit. Anita was able to teach me recipes with ingredients that increased his energy and performance.

My fiance’ was worried that this new “healthy food” wouldn’t taste as good as what he was used to eating, but he loved every single dish she taught me! More importantly, she taught me skills and habits that I will continue to use that will benefit us and our family for years to come!”

~Samar Mekhail

“Anita is a once in a lifetime type person, but the best part of her work is that she teaches you how to be a once in a lifetime person as well.  I am now more confidant in myself than ever before and am able to pursue my athletic and life goals fearlessly.”

~ NCAA Champion & Canadian National Team Member

“Anita was able to help guide and support me through the process of changing our diets. In two weeks I was able to loose 16 lbs., my joints didn’t hurt anymore and I did not have to take Tylenol P.M. at night to get rid of my frequent headaches. I have not been sick yet and my skin also looks better.  The rash on my daughters face disappeared instantly once we started her on a nutritional plan and her two-year-old tantrums are much better now. I thank God that I was able to take Anita’s class because the knowledge gained will help my family for the rest of our lives.”

~Cathy Van, Arizona

“Anita has helped me to understand nutrition by learning about food instead of nutrients. I never thought changing the food in my life could have such positive effects on my physical and emotional health. Just after 1 week of eliminating my pro-inflammatory foods my life changed. I was no longer prisoner to long-standing gastrointestinal disorders the doctors could never figure out why occurred. In addition to the disappearance of my health concerns my energy level skyrocketed.  I now feel like I am in charge of how I feel through the choices I make with food.  It is complete night and day between how I was before I understood food and how I am now. A really dark night and a really bright day!”

~Anna Hartman, Arizona

“One thing I noticed on Anita’s Plan was that my energy was through the roof and my joints felt great.”

~Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos

“Anita has had a very positive influence on not only our female athletes, but also our staff as well. She brings a lot of energy and passion about well-rounded nutrition, and she creates a safe atmosphere to talk about it. Her programs are very engaging to her clients and meet them where they are. Giving them “bite size pieces” as she would say… rather than overwhelming them with information. We are very thankful for her dedication and contribution to our mission of advancing athletes both athletically and personally.”   

Tanner, Front Range Volleyball Club Staff