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First year of tackle football and 5 touchdowns in two games with two wins later! Ok, so call me a bragging mom but I am so proud of our son and his commitment to his goals and his nutrition. He’s just 14 years old and 6’1” so far with 155 pounds of solid muscle. I don’t know what his future holds, but I know he has set the bar high for himself and a huge part of his regimen, along with all High-Performers, is his commitment to his food.

At just 14, our son gets the impact of his nutrition on his performance and his potential sustained success. 

He sees the impact it’s made on his size, stamina and his capacity to focus as well as his health. He knows how to tie what he eats to how he performs; something the likes of stars like Tom Brady are just now understanding in their 40’s. 

Ever wonder how people have sustained success over time in their respective fields?

Whether in sports, corporate, or entrepreneurial work, sustained success is the goal of all high-performers. You want to reach the top AND stay on top!  

The Food Detective

My unique Olympic experiences coupled with my turbulent health journey put me on a path to understanding the way food impacts our health.

In fact, my family often calls me a Food Detective because I have a keen way of helping people connect what they eat with the crappy symptoms that are keeping them gaining and sustaining success.

Although most people don’t consider it this way, food can be a fantastic and safe performance enhancer OR it can be a performance zapperThe food you choose to put into your body every day can either be contributing to your focus, digestion, and energy or robbing you of it.

My work with professional athletes and corporate high performers over the last 12 years has given me the time and experience to create my own unique system for teaching you about the healing power of food. I’ve been working hard to create an opportunity to share my program more widely with High-Performers like you. I am so excited about creating online programs! My first one, which is my foundational program along with a 30 Day Challenge is available now!

Here are 3 things you can do TODAY to use food as a performance enhancer and as a sustained success strategy:

Significantly reduce sugar!!!!

I love to use SweetLeaf Brand stevia instead (for coffee & tea)

Increase your leafy green intake.

(I’m talking about chard, spinach, kale & bok choy here, not lettuce). Magnesium deficiency is the most common deficiency in America right now and can cause fatigue…eat your greens (preferably slightly cooked to increase absorption)

Keep grab ‘n go foods available at your work/desk/purse/gym bag.

Keeping healthier grab n go options will help you avoid the “I’m hangry NOW and will eat anything syndrome”.  Protein bars, all fruit leathers, jerky & nuts & seeds all work great here.

Also, be sure to check out my free High-Performance Health Assessment to see what your Symptom Number, see what might be keeping you off you’re a Game with health.

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