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Have you ever wondered how champions like Michael Phelps do it?

Do you feel like they have something special that you could never possess? Being a champion is NOT only for athletes and sports. Being a champion is a way of life.


Bring and Olympian to you! Groups learn what it takes to be elite and how 
to create a champion powered life.


Learning the traits that make a champion great will help you maximize every area of your life.


 “Champion Powered Life” – My first book is COMING SOON!

Learn how to take on life like a champion!

It’s a choice to make and a place to stand in every area of your life.  It’s a desire to grow. It’s a desire to learn how to excel and be the best you that you can be.  It’s maximizing your life, and it’s for EVERYONE!

I have been speaking to large groups since I’m 15 years old.  I was always comfortable speaking, but didn’t have the impactful material to speak about that I share with my audiences today at age 40.

“Anita is a once in a lifetime type person, but the best part of her work is that she teaches you how to be a once in a lifetime person as well.  I am now more confidant in myself than ever before and am able to pursue my athletic and life goals fearlessly.”

~ NCAA Champion & Canadian National Team Member

“We are very thankful for her dedication and contribution to our mission of advancing athletes both athletically and personally.”

Tanner, Front Range Volleyball Club Staff 

“Anita is an amazing person to look up to. I felt so comfortable talking with her, expressing my concerns and honest feelings and knowing she’s listening”

~Tanner, Soccer Colorado

“Anita is extremely inspiring.  I will carry the things she taught me through life.  She is amazing and positive and she makes me want to strive to do the best that I can do in the sport I love and everyday life.”

~ Jenna, Volleyball