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I have created a 3 hour wellness session specifically for Corporate High Performers & Sports Teams looking for sustained success strategies.

My exceptional athletic background coupled with my inspiring health journey is uniquely fitting to help guide high performers to sustained success strategies that enhance your group’s performance.

I relate to high performers in both sports and the corporate world… The drive, the grit and determination to be the best is what we have in common.

Let food be the difference maker in your team’s performance!

Not sure what to eat, what food would be optimal for you?

Are you a High Performer looking for an edge over the competition?

Need some strategies to keep up with your work schedule?

Conflicting nutrition information got you overwhelmed?

Are you seeking sustained success in whatever it is you do?

My 3 hour wellness session is specifically created for Corporate High Performers & Sports Teams looking for sustained success strategies


3 hour Champion Powered Wellness Training Session
Personalized Food Log Assessment for each individual
A fail proof formula for mealtime success with The Power Plate Formula Training Session, developed after more than a decade of working with professional athletes & corporate high performers
Know what and when to eat with confidence while feeling empowered by your food choices
My unique health assessment will show each individual what could be holding them back from sustained success
Interactive exercises and games to cement newly learned material
Olympic level motivation (Olympic Medals included) that connects the group and creates a supportive environment for reaching your new health goals


Decrease unwanted health symptoms that take away from your performance


The Champion Powered Day is over 3 hours of coaching and wellness training with Anita + Bonus material.


Can Anita fly out of state?

Yes, I can come to you wherever your group is located. Of course there are added fees for travel & expenses.

What is the biggest take away from this program?

I teach your group (whether corporate or sport) the keys to sustained success; that taking care of our body and health is priority number one when it comes to creating and maintaining high levels of performance.

How does learning wellness strategies increase our groups performance and productivity?

Are you on your A Game when you have frequent migraine headaches? Does your digestive distress help you focus at work? How about the energy shifts throughout your day…do they help your productivity? NO! All of these unwanted health symptoms take you off your game and reduce your performance capacity. Learning to take better care of yourself and eat properly can significantly reduce all of these unwanted symptoms AND MUCH MORE.

Are the things she's going to teach us hard? I'm very busy.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you wont be busy for long unless it’s busy going to doctors. Your health has to be #1! Take it from me, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. I make taking care of yourself in a fast paced, busy world doable.

What is Anita's background?

I am a Nutrition Specialist and Wellness Expert as well as Life Coach. My approach is entirely unique and motivating. Through games and hands on exercises, I teach people how food functionally works in our body versus the antiquated calorie based approach. My athletic accomplishments help me connect with very driven, results focussed clients.

How much time does this program take?

This is a 3 hour program. I usually start at 9am and finish around noon. We can then eat a catered lunch together as a group (I can help you choose the food for this as well). Eating lunch together provides the group time to ask questions and look at my Olympic medals and take pictures if they’d like.

How do get started in creating a CP Day with my group?

Email me now to customize your day to your specific group. References available upon request.

Anita has had a very positive influence on not only our female athletes, but also our staff. She brings a lot of energy and passion about wellrounded nutrition, and she creates a safe atmosphere to talk about it. Her programs are very engaging and she meets clients wherever they are.

We are very thankful for her dedication and contribution to our mission of advancing athletes both athletically and personally.

~ Front Range Volleyball Club