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How to live a champion powered life!

A Champion Powered Life is not just about sport.

Although sports are a great vehicle to amazing opportunities and experiences, learning the traits that make a champion great will help you maximize every area of your life.


Olympic Level motivation that leaves participants excited to pursue a champion powered life of their own
Learning what it takes to be a champion from an Olympic Gold Medalist & World Record Holder
Photo opportunities with real Olympic medals
A customizable message uniquely suited to your group

I know what it takes to be a champion in all areas of life. Let me teach your group the secrets of champions!

Motivational Speaking begins at $2500, prices vary depending on size of group, travel, etc


Who is motivational speaking for?

I can motivate any team or group looking for Olympic Level motivation. It is for groups looking to discover the champion within and the traits that champions utilize to maximize every area of their lives.

What do you talk about?

My motivational speeches are semi customizable. That is, we can tailor the message to your particular group and we can address any specific needs and concerns your group has. This will all be within the framework of my Champion Powered Life traits that I teach.

What are your qualifications?

I am a motivational speaker and super passionate about helping highly motivated people maximize their potential. I have been speaking to large groups since I was fifteen years old. I am a Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Life Coach with an extensive background in elite performance for myself and with clients. I am not a doctor or a Registered Dietician, nor do I diagnose or treat disease. I am also a wellness expert who specializes in food for performance and optimal health.

What will participants walk away with?

Participants walk away with the opportunity to apply champion traits from Anita’s book, The Champion Powered Life. Participants will walk away distinctly motivated in a new way to take their lives to a champion level.

How do we get started?

Contact me today to bring Champion Powered Motivational Speaking to your amazing team or group.

“Anita is a once in a lifetime type person, but the best part of her work is that she teaches you how to be a once in a lifetime person as well.  I am now more confidant in myself than ever before and am able to pursue my athletic and life goals fearlessly.”

~ NCAA Champion & Canadian National Team Member