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I created my new favorite drink ever today that I just had to tell everyone about! It’s next to no sugar yet tastes like a coffee shop drink without all the chemicals and calories.  Ok, so, it’s a chai tea coffee concoction that goes like this:

1 Chai Tea bag (I use decaf b/c) + 1/2 c. coconut milk coffee creamer

+ 2 drops vanilla cream stevia + 1/2 packet instant coffee + 3/4-1 c water

  1. Warm up the water and creamer together (I do this on the stovetop) 
  2. Add tea bag, instant coffee & stevia (use as many as needed here)
  3. Let the tea steep for as strong as you’d like it
  4. Sip and enjoy as a morning treat or dessert replacement

I can’t tolerate too much caffeine, hence the decaf chai, but theres wiggle room to maneuver the ingredients here a little to your own personal liking.  I think coconut or almond milk might work well too.  And, I had this particular instant coffee up in my cabinet, I’m sure Starbucks or some organic brand would be better.

The key here is to keep the sugar OUT as well as any other highly inflaming ingredient (like milk).

The only sugar in this concoction is from the creamer which contains <1g/Tbsp…a far cry from the 21 g of sugar in similar sized coffee shop drink.

You might be asking at this point…What’s the big deal about sugar anyway? Or you might be noticing by now that I talk about it a lot.  Sugar is highly addictive, it weakens the body’s defenses against illness, and it encourages a host of symptoms AND most people have no idea how much sugar they consume.  

If you live in the Denver Area, sign up for my Health by Design program starting in January and get a real detailed look at how sugar might be impacting your life and health.

I grew up on Swedish Fish and Fruity Pebbles and paid a devastating price for my sugary ways!  I know how hard it can be to reduce the sugar addiction alone…our group program can help you before you face a health crisis like me.

Wishing you the best of health in 2017! Happy New Year!

Enjoy your new drink and let me know what you think!