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A full day of fun, motivation and connection that leaves girls feeling inspired & enlivened about who they are


An empowering day of sharing with someone who completely understands the unique experience of being an elite teenage female athlete
5 hours of learning what it takes to be a champion from an Olympic Gold Medalist & World Record Holder
An open forum to discuss any concerns participants may have and ask questions
Photo opportunities with real Olympic medals
A ‘just for girls’ goody bag
Elite nutrition education handouts to up your game and get an edge on the competition
A take home & frame-able dream board collage created by your athlete

Sports are a great vehicle to amazing opportunities, and can still leave a young woman feeling alone and unsure at times. Through exercises and open discussions, I encourage the girls to maximize their potential in the world and discover what motivates them outside of sport while reaching their dreams in sport.

My health challenges limited my athletic career at a young age and sabotaged future Olympic quests. I had no idea who I was outside of the pool or what I would do with the rest of my life without my sport.

I understand the pressures of being an athlete, a teenager and a girl all at the same time b/c I was just 15 when I made the Olympic team!

More Than Medals Program starts at $75/participant


Who is More Than Medals (MTM) for?

More Than Medals is for teenage female athletes of any sport. It is for teams and groups looking to grow and develop themselves as an athlete and outside of sport.

How does MTM work?

MTM is a full day of interactive talks and exercises that help the girls both in sport and in life. For example, they will make dream board collages together that focus on their individual goals for the upcoming year and take them home to frame. They will have an open forum to discuss what matters most to them and express their life concerns.

What does the full day look like?

MTM is a one day, five hour program. I can come to your sports team to teach the program and/or I have ongoing programs available in Parker, CO as well. Participants will need to bring a packed lunch unless catering is planned ahead of time as an optional feature of the program. Check our event schedule for more information.

What are your qualifications?

I am a Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Life Coach with an extensive background in elite performance for myself and with clients. I am not a doctor or a Registered Dietician, nor do I diagnose or treat disease. I am a wellness expert who specializes in food for performance and optimal health. I am a motivational speaker and super passionate about teenage female athletes maximizing their potential.

Do girls HAVE TO talk in front of the group?

No! While highly encouraged, speaking in front of the group is completely optional. Typically, those who share and get coaching in front of the class benefit the group as a whole, as everyone sees something for themselves in others coaching.

What will the girls learn?

The girls will learn elite nutrition strategies of Olympians and other elite performers that will last them a lifetime. They will get an opportunity to develop new interests that help them get to know themselves on a deeper level outside of sport. They will also have an open forum to discuss the things they are dealing with as teenagers and gain strategies for powerfully handling those things.

How do we get started?

Contact me today to bring More Than Medals to your amazing team and/or learn of existing programs in your area.

“Anita is an amazing person to look up to. I felt so comfortable talking with her, expressing my concerns and honest feelings and knowing she’s listening”

~Tanner, Soccer Colorado

“Anita is extremely inspiring.  I will carry the things she taught me through life.  She is amazing and positive and she makes me want to strive to do the best that I can do in the sport I love and everyday life.”

~ Jenna, Volleyball