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I’m Officially Unstuck!

I noticed that I am sitting at my desk more that ever before since I started writing my first book about a month ago. My inactivity just hit me today!

It made me think about some new habits that I need to create for myself to stay on track with my commitment to health and wellness while getting my stuff done and feeling accomplished at the same time.

I usually walk the dog and bang out my workout in the morning when the kids leave for school but I live in Colorado and I don’t want to get out early since the cold has set in.

I am a big fan of making commitments and setting up action systems to create a shift in my life, so here it goes….

I am officially committed to activity and exercise again in my life!

And, the new actions I will take that are consistent with my new commitment are:

  1. I will set my alarm to walk the dog and workout at noon everyday that I’m working from home.
  2. For every 30 minutes of sitting at my desk, I will stand up and move my body and type while standing for 10 minutes.
  3. Effective immediately…I will schedule 2 active events per week that I love doing, like salsa dancing & yoga.

BOOM! Done, like a champ! Well, not yet. I actually have to do these things in order to produce a change. I will keep you all posted on my new systems in about 30 days to see if it gets me up and moving! After all, I am a damn Wellness Expert…gotta walk the talk!

Making a declaration to the people in your life is so important to effectively making things shift where they are stuck.

And, I’m just like you guys…even though I am a Wellness Expert and Nutrition Coach, I get stuck too! Stay posted for my new book, The Champion Powered Life. It will have all the tools you need to get unstuck and take on your life like a champion!

Thanks for listening and helping me get unstuck everyone!