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Are you a High-Performer?

Are you a highly motivated, action oriented person that likes to get stuff done?

Do you generate your personal success and growth at work?

Are you looking to be the best in your sport or in whatever it is that you are passionate about?

Do you find yourself on a mission to get things accomplished?

Are you driven to learn more and grow in order to be the best?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then YOU are a High-Performer (HP).

I love working with high-performers because I can relate. My HP tendencies were evident from the time I was 8. My mom knew I was highly motivated when I got down on the ground and pretended to swim, yelling, “I just have to go!” because I had a fever and couldn’t go to practice. In my quest for Olympic Gold, nothing could stop me from achieving my dreams.

However, there was only one thing that actually DID stop me after setting 2 world records and winning gold, silver, and bronze. My high level of performance came to a screeching halt because of my health.  I now coach other high-performers like you on how to take care of your bodies in order to avoid health crisis AND stay on top of your ‘A game’.

I typically work with three types of High-Performers…

The Competitor HP

The Competitor HP is a high-performer looking for that extra edge; that safe performance enhancement that really keeps them on their ‘A Game’ and gives them a competitive advantage in whatever it is they do.

The Comeback HP

The Comeback HP is a high-performer who has experienced a health crisis and is on the upswing looking to get back on their ‘A game.’ The Comeback HP just needs some support and guidance to get back in the game.

The Forward Thinker HP

The Forward Thinker HP is a high-performer who knows there is something to this food and performance thing and they don’t want to miss out. They know that their nagging symptoms (like headaches and low energy) are holding them back from their FULL potential.  They want to be on their ‘A game’ in ALL areas so they are looking for a little coaching to jump start their health quest.

I’d love to know which one of these you are! Reply in the comment below!

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