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A step-by-step, guided journey to your optimal health.

w/ Anita Nall Richesson & Hillary Crider

New Year, New YOU!!

Join our innovative new 12-week program for whole health & vibrant well-being – in Parker, Colorado 

When I was chronically sick, exhausted and struggling after the 1992 Olympics, I would’ve done anything to have had the information we are going to teach you in this 12 week program. The health and vitality I experience today is available to everyone through our unique program.


A simple, do-able step by step process to feeling great
Understanding your cravings and cultivate eating habits that diminish their impact
A fail proof method for mealtime success
Increased energy, vitality and mental clarity
A self-created health plan you can trust to work for you
Know your food choices – walk into the grocery store with confidence
An interactive learning experience that puts you in the driver’s seat of your health

I’m very excited to partner with Hillary for this life changing, innovative program!

Hillary is a certified life coach and yoga instructor. She is inspiringly passionate about health, people, and life. In her personal journey with her own well-being, she has lost and kept 60lbs off through nutrition and exercise while exploring numerous alternative healing practices. She has been sober for five years and reclaimed health physically, mentally, and spiritually from having lived a destructive alcoholic lifestyle.

Having recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, her primary life purpose is now to be in service of people discovering their access to living a life by design.



Get enlivened, invigorated & energized for a new year, a transformed YOU!

Program starts on January 22nd, 2017

$250 until January 1, then $350


Who is this program best for?

Anyone seeking to take his or her health to a new level this year and not simply try another diet. This program is for anyone open to a new approach to your health and wellbeing.

Do I need to be sick or have a major health concern to be in this class?

NO! We welcome all people wherever they are on their health journey.

How is this program interactive? Like, do I have to talk in front of people?

No talking in front of people required! We will have ample opportunities for anyone who desires to get coaching in front of the classroom but it is NOT required. There will be interactive small group exercises and self reflective exercises during class as well.

How is this course different from other courses?

In her 12 years of high level nutrition work, Anita has seen that coupling life coaching with the nutrition education enhances results by 100%. It is often the missing piece to transforming peoples lives around their health. This course gives you the best of both worlds of coaching.

Is this course a diet?

This course enables you to create a way of life consistent with what you want. It removes all the bullshit that’s held you back in the past and will leave you empowered and in action around your health. It is NOT a diet!

What does a Life Coach do?

A Life Coach is a committed listener that holds you accountable to the results that you say you want to produce in your life. They empower you to take action and live a life you love.

Do I need any experience or prior knowledge before this program?

No! Newbies and Seasoned Vets all welcome!

“Anita was able to help guide and support me through the process of changing our diets. In two weeks I was able to loose 16 lbs., my joints didn’t hurt anymore and I did not have to take Tylenol P.M. at night to get rid of my frequent headaches. I have not been sick yet and my skin also looks better.  The rash on my daughters face disappeared instantly once we started her on a nutritional plan and her two-year-old tantrums are much better now. I thank God that I was able to take Anita’s class because the knowledge gained will help my family for the rest of our lives.”

~Cathy Van, Arizona