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Are you looking for that extra edge in your performance?

A way to up your game? Perhaps you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and the doctor’s don’t know what to do with you?

I have travelled the world teaching and cooking for elite athletes and other high performers.  I have mastered eating for optimal performance both on the field and in life.  My one on one mastery coaching can be done in person, in your home/town or by video conferencing.


8-12 weeks of elite, one on one coaching with me
A step by step nutrition guide, at your own pace
Increased energy, vitality and focus
Reaching your desired weight
Reduce damaging symptoms like migraines, eczema, sinus infections, colds & flues that impact performance
A food style (way of eating) that lasts forever and a fail proof formula for meal time success
A new awareness & education about food that leaves you clear (no more confusion around food & groceries)
Hands on cooking guidance so you can put your new nutrition plan into action

Let food be the difference maker in your performance and in your life!

Mastery programs starting at $3200


Who is Champion Powered Nutrition Mastery (CPNM) for?

CPNM is for anyone seeking increased performance in sport and/or work and life.  It is also for anyone who is frustrated being sick and tired of being sick and tired while getting no answers from your doctor.  This program is for athletes and people really looking to grow and maximize their health and perform at a high level.

How does it work?

I will teach you the same nutrition and wellness secrets that I have created from teaching elite, world class athletes and high performing business people.  After an initial conversation, we will determine if you need the 8 or 12 week program, based on a variety of factors.

Do you travel?

Yes! I travel all over the world teaching my program.  With travel comes increased rates.  Typically when I travel, it’s for clients looking to really jumpstart their program and move forward with velocity.  I also travel to cook for athletes during big events and competitions.

What is the commitment level for this program?

The required commitment is always based on your goal. If you are an elite athlete with a big competition in a few months, then we need to get to work fast.  Just like anything in life, the more you commit to the program, the bigger your result will be, however, I understand that there is a life to live outside of food and that’s where I can really help cater your food plan to your lifestyle and make it work for you.

What are your qualifications?

I am a Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Life Coach with an extensive background in elite performance.  I am not a doctor or a Registered Dietician, nor do I diagnose or treat disease.  I am a wellness expert who specializes in food for performance and optimal health.

How often will we work together and talk?

We typically meet once a week for 8-12 weeks depending on your schedule and the determined time period of work.  I am available for texting and emails in between sessions as well. Travel programs have a different schedule because the program kicks off with a weekend intensive at your home and then 8 weeks of follow up coaching through video conferencing. Some clients choose a faster pace and complete 2 session/week instead of 1.

How do we get started?

Contact me today to start your custom program

“Having a fiance’ in the NFL, I had to pay special attention to what I was feeding him.  Anita was able to teach me recipes with ingredients that increased his energy and performance. My fiance’ was worried that this new “healthy food” wouldn’t taste as good as what he was used to eating, but he loved every single dish she taught me!”

~ Samar Mekhail

“I never thought changing the food in my life could have such positive effects on my physical and emotional health.”

~Anna Hartman, Arizona

“One thing I noticed on Anita’s Plan was that my energy was through the roof and my joints felt great.”

~Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos