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The Champion Powered Plan & Challenge

 You know the benefits of a healthy food plan. But all of the information feels really confusing and often conflicting.


To be, or not to be Gluten Free?

Low-fat? No fat?


How much protein?

You want to eat better and experience the health benefits food provides…

BUT… it seems impossible to do in your busy, fast-paced life.


The Champion Powered Plan & Challenge

 THE foundational program I’ve created and used with elite athletes and corporate high performers all over the world.


So many people know the benefits of a healthy food plan and just need the motivation and action plan to do it.

Anita is a once in a lifetime type of person, but the best part of her work is that she teaches you how to be a once in a lifetime person as well. I am now more confident in myself than ever before and am able to pursue my athletic and life goals fearlessly.

– NCAA Champion & Canadian National Team Member

You are perfect for this program if…

#1 You understand the importance of food on your health, and just need a little coaching to get there.

You totally get it AND you want a simple, actionable process to help you along the way.

#2 You are sick of dieting and diet books

Not buying another diet book again in your life sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

#3 You know that feeling better and having consistent energy will enhance your life in every way.

That’s right! From a clearer, more focused head at work to increased energy in your workouts to reduced headaches, aches, and pains.

It was a transformational weekend working with Anita before the 2012 Olympic Trials. Her program taught me how to connect what I eat to how I feel and perform.

– Dana Vollmer, Olympic Gold Medalist & Busy Mom

Here’s what you’ll learn and do in each phase of the program:

Part 1: The CP Plan

1.5 hours of audio training sessions
2 day Food Log Assessment
Learn my Power Plate Formula(TM), a fail proof formula for mealtime success you will use for all your grocery shopping and cooking needs
Learn what to eat and when so that you can feel confident with and empowered by your food choices
Get the Champion Powered Plan Workbook to help you cement new information
Learn your individual protein requirements

Part 2: The CP 30 Day Challenge

Daily, bite-sized and actionable wellness & nutrition lessons for 30 days straight
Coaching and support from Anita and your fellow challenge participants for the full 30 day program
A small group forum and support system to help you reach your goals
One lesson conveniently sent to your email every morning
Get your questions answered by me as they arise and as you put the program into action
Full accountability to help you reach your wellness goals

How does the CP PLan & Challenge work?

Start slashing annoying symptoms in just 30 days and learn how to reach your health goals!


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Is this program for me?

If you are seeking higher health and increased performance in whatever it is that you do… this program is for you! All of my programs are specifically designed for high performers looking for an edge over the competition either in sports or in corporate work.

What will I get from this program?

You will get my fail-proof formula mealtime success along with 30 straight days of coaching and support from me and the group to put it all into action. Research shows that we are 85% more likely to achieve our health goals in a group setting. The group will hold you accountable to your goals. you will also receive one new wellness/nutrition lesson each day for 30 days. This will not only cement the CP Plan and Power Plate Formula™ but also give you the next level of information to build upon The CP Plan.

Are the daily lessons difficult or time-consuming? I'm very busy.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be busy for long unless it’s busy going to doctors. Your health has to be #1! Take it from me, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

Having said that, I make taking care of yourself in a fast-paced, busy world doable. The lessons in The CP 30 Day Challenge will take you about 15 minutes per day to read and take action.

How does learning wellness strategies increase my performance and productivity in sports and life?

Are you on your “A” game when you have frequent migraine headaches?

Does your digestive distress help you focus at work?

How about the energy shifts throughout your day? Do they help your productivity?

Nope! All of these unwanted, unhealth symptoms take you off your game and reduce your performance capacity. Learning to take better care of yourself properly can significantly reduce all of these unwanted symptoms AND MUCH MORE.

Is this a weight loss program?

Yes AND no! Being lean is a healthy side effect of taking care of your health. My program’s aim is to first, reduce inflammation and understand the causes of inflammation. Weight loss and increased “leanness” are a fantastic side effect of that!

What if I already eat healthy?

Awesome! This program will simply build on your already established healthy lifestyle. It will give more structure, support and added knowledge to what you already have. there are some many levels to healthy… let’s kick you up to the next level with my program.

How is The CP Plan different from other courses and diets?

My program combines over 12 years of working with elite athletes and various high-performers with my unique athletic background and health journey. I teach my clients about the functional component of food and how it impacts their health, well-being, and performance versus an antiquated calorie based approach. You will learn about inflammation, how it dramatically impacts your health, and (most importantly) how to REDUCE unwanted inflammation and symptoms that negatively impact your performance!

Is the CP Plan a diet?

NO, NO, and NO! Diets are a temporary fix! I teach healthy lifestyle and wellness strategies that increase your performance and maximize your health. The Power Plate Formula™ for mealtime success will last you a lifetime.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

We love questions! Please email our support team at hello@anitanallcom and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.

“Anita is an amazing person to look up to. I felt so comfortable talking with her, expressing my concerns and honest feelings and knowing she’s listening”

~Tanner, Soccer Colorado

“Anita is extremely inspiring.  I will carry the things she taught me through life.  She is amazing and positive and she makes me want to strive to do the best that I can do in the sport I love and everyday life.”

~ Jenna, Volleyball