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Champion Powered Athletes

Nutrition for Elite Performance

Do you have athletes that dream of being the next Michael Phelps or Peyton Manning?

You want to give them the best chance to reach their highest possible athletic potential.

Maybe, your athletes are striving or college scholarships?


Maybe, some even have Olympic dreams?

Your team is already…

Putting in the time

Doing the hard work

Waking up early

Working twice as hard

but still, there is something missing…

Nutrition plays a significant role in athletic performance, but…

Nutrition awareness and education in sports is, unfortunately, typically nonexistent or antiquated at best.


Champion Powered Athletes

A cutting-edge program that teaches athletes elite level nutrition strategies so they can attain AND maintain high performance in sport.

CP Athletes is a 21-day interactive program for athletes and their parents that teaches them how to use nutrition and other wellness strategies to enhance their success in sport and then gain and maintain an edge over their competition.

In 21 days, your team will know more about nutrition than most of the PROs.

Each athlete will learn…

My Power Plate Formula™ for mealtime success which is a simple way to create healthy meals anywhere, any time!
A thorough step by step plan to fuel for high level performance that I created from working with the pros for over 12 years!
Each athlete will learn their individual protein requirements for optimal performance so they can recover optimally from the demands their sport places on their bodies.
A completely new and innovative approach to nutrition and health.
Learn how inflammation is impacting your team’s performance
A sports specific nutrition education program for your entire team
Time saving strategies for putting the Power Plate Formula™ to work in a fast paced life
Action Plan for kitchen mastery to fully support athletes and their parents

I went through puberty in a swimsuit in front of the world and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy!

I was an Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record Holder and had no idea how to eat optimally for performance. It was this lack of knowledge that took me out of the sport I loved.

So, now I teach athletes how to be responsible for their health and performance at a young age so they can maximize their true potential in sport and life and not get sidetracked by health issues.

Individual Athlete Program

Don’t let poor nutrition prevent your athletes from reaching their highest athletic potential!

Grab your all-access pass $349

Team/Club Program

If you are looking to add a nutrition component to your existing program, I’d love to talk with you about CP Athletes.

Book a call below to get started and learn more about group rates.


What are the benefits this program gives to my club?

Nutrition education is THE MISSING LINK in youth sports.  The earlier an athlete learns about the powerful role food plays in their performance, the higher their chances for sustained success.


This program puts your team on the cutting edge of performance in sports.  It will also give your athletes the information they need that could save them from years of health & body image issues just by simply understanding the role food plays in our body.  Often times coaches tell their athletes they need to ‘be more lean’ or ‘get more fit’ or ‘gain some weight’…without any education to guide the athlete they are left to figure these things out on their own.  I have a very intimate understanding of this as I have lived it myself.

Giving your athletes this education empowers them for life around the topic of food, health and performance nutrition and arms them with tips and strategies that professional athletes use.

For what age range is this program best suited?

This nutrition program was specifically designed for 13 years old and up.  I was a teenager myself when I was in the Olympics and can only imagine how different my career had been if I had this information at a young age. Having said that, under 13 is too young to really grasp the material and get responsible for it.

My parents are typically in charge of the food in our house, is this program for them too?

Absolutely! This program is created SPECIFICALLY for teen athletes AND their parents.  In fact, with every membership to the program comes family log in credentials so that the whole family can support their athlete’s quest for increased performance.

How does this work for teams?

Email me now (hello@anitanall.com) to set up a conversation about getting YOUR ENTIRE TEAM on the Champion Powered Plan. I do provide team rates and plans as well as monthly coaching packages.  Remember, nutrition is a process and results are best seen in a group format with support.  I can provide a supportive environment for teams which includes coaches, parents, and athletes.

Is the program delivered in person?

The 30-day program is a computer-based program that each athlete can do at their own pace or their team can take on as a committed group. The lessons are approximately 15 minutes/day and fun for young people to complete.

I am also available to come to you for the initial team kickoff of your nutrition program. I will bring Olympic Level motivation as well as my medals to your team and get everyone excited to take on my nutrition program with vigor.

This sounds great for our team, how do we get started?

Email me today so that we can set up a group rate for your team and get your crew started TODAY.  This is the missing link in youth sports right now.  Taking a step to educate and motivate your team in the areas of health and nutrition is the best way to ensure your team’s future success.